Night Owl's Revenge

Welcome DAK II Attendees: Prepare to Get RiDAKulous!

It’s Day at Kellogg (DAK) part II this weekend! Admitted students from round two will get the chance to experience life at the school and meet potential classmates. I was away for DAK I so this will be my first time meeting members of the class of 2014. While you’re here be sure to stop by the TG today and attend the KWEST fair. My biggest Kellogg regret is that I wasn’t able to do KWEST.

If you’re on Twitter you can follow DAK (@DAK_2012) for all the latest news. The Kellogg 2012 LipDub will premiere at the after-party at The Keg (recently re-opened over spring break lol). Until then enjoy the 2011 version!

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